Why Choose Professional Air Training?

“Very good briefings and explanations along with excellent flying instruction”


Professional Air Training Ltd, an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) at Bournemouth Airport, has been successfully running CAA/JAA flight training for more than 20 years. We specialise in training for the Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL), the Multi Engine Piston Class Rating (MEP) and the Instrument Rating (IR).

The company has built up an enviable reputation for the consistently high quality of its flight instruction, personal service, and fleet of simulators (FNPT) and aeroplanes. On all our courses we offer continuity of training from our team of dedicated career instructors, i.e. we normally pair students and plan for one instructor for the whole of a course. This high level of continuity is one of our particular strengths.

Professional Air Training - flight training at Bournemouth Airport, UKThe company operates 1 complex single-engine aircraft (the Beech C24R Sierra), 4 multi-engined aircraft (the Beech BE76 Duchess), a type-specific Duchess/Sierra FNPTII simulator and an FNPTI Simulator.

Our pricing policy is to include everything in our quoted prices. There are no hidden extras or other additional costs.

The emphasis on what we offer is to provide the best, not the cheapest, way of pursuing a course. Our aim is to increase the value per hour and thus to reduce the total number of hours needed to reach the required standard. Going for the cheapest option can easily lead to course overruns, multiple attempts at the demanding CAA tests and lack of success after the flying qualifications have eventually been obtained. We offer what we believe are the best course structures to enable you to complete the courses in as near to minimum hours as possible – and to achieve first time passes in your flight tests.

We offer a number of options for your course structures. Which option you choose will depend upon a number of factors, such as your current level of experience and how many multi hours you want to achieve. Have a look at Selecting Your Course and then contact us to talk it through.

Our policy is to provide real value for money and to help you to meet your long term objectives such as becoming a successful airline pilot, or operating safely and efficiently as a PPL/IR.