Changes to EASA April 2014

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Changes to EASA April 2014

Changes have been made to the EASA rules from 2nd April 2014.  These include:

ICAO to EASA IR conversions

Night Rating Requirement for Start of IR course

ICAO to EASA IR conversions

The new Competency Based Instrument Rating is now European law.  Details are included in the PPL/IR section elsewhere on this website. However, one major change to the rules covers conversions of ICAO to EASA IRs.  If a pilot has more than 50 hours PIC IFR, then he does not have to undertake IR theoretical knowledge course and exams, or the 15 hour conversion flight training course.  He simply has to take the IR skill test.  The test will be identical to the current IR skill test in its fliyng requirements but it will also include oral questionning covering Air Law, Meteorology and Flight Planning and Performance (IR).  It is not yet clear whether the UK CAA will require pilots to be recommended by an ATO before they take the IR skill test. 

If a pilot does not have 50 hours PIC IFR he will have to undertake training as defined in the section 'Converting from Other Licences'.

Night Rating requirement for start of IR course

Under EASA's original implementation it was stated that a night rating must be held before an IR course could be started.  This has been changed to read 'hold the privileges to fly at night ..... if the IR will be used at night'. 

It is therefore no longer a requirement to hold a night rating in order to start an IR course.  Pilots with poor colour vision will be able to hold an IR for day use only.  

Pilots wishing to add an IR to a PPL who do wish to fly at night will simply have to get a night rating issued on their PPL when they wish to use their IR at night.

Pilots wishing to add an IR to their CPL will be abel to get their CPL (with embedded night privileges) and their IR issed at the same time (thus saving money on rating issue fees).


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